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Roll-Rite 69200 DC200, TM Stationary Tower, 5 Spring 84" Ext Pivot, Wide Bow Set

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Original price
$4,092.30 - $4,092.30
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DC200 Stationary System - Class 3-8
For small trucks with same size containers using up to 24 feet of tarp. DC200 features:
TarpMaster® 98” Tarp Spool w/ Integrated Housing
Powder Coated Stationary Tower
External Pivot Mount Set
Single Function RF Controller w/ 1 Keyfob
Wide Tarp Bow Set
Optional: Worklights (standard on DC203/DC204)
Estimated System Weight: Under 500lbs

Easiest to Install... with 12-inches of clearance behind cab
Tower Mounting Brackets... are available in either U-Bolt or Side Frame style, call for details.
The Controls:
Roll·Rite® DC200 Series with adjustable features come standard
with our Black Box™ controls and keyfob wireless remote control:
• Sealed Membrane Push Button... operation includes
work light button with remote control access
• Meets... SAE International Standard for Heavy Duty
Vehicle Applications (SAE# J1455).
• "Install-Ready"... pre-wired, improved external
connections for fast hookup
• Automatic Timed Lockout... No Key lockout needed.
Press Ch1 and Ch2 buttons or keyfob to unlock or re-lock
• 360º Walk-Around... "Since you can't tarp what you can't
see, our remote operation allows more control over tarp
functions to help avoid load obstructions... so you can clearly
see what you are covering

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