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Roll-Rite 69400 DC400, SD Adjustable Tower, 6 Spring Top Mount Pivot, Wide Bow Set

Original price $8,327.00 - Original price $8,327.00
Original price
$8,327.00 - $8,327.00
Current price $8,327.00

DC400 Truck system for similar size containers using up to 30 feet of tarp.

Pricing Includes Tarp, Gantry Mounts, and Arm Mounts

DC400 Truck system may feature:
Super Duty 98” Tarp Spool w/ Integrated Housing, Adjustable Tower
Greaseable Roller Bearing 6-Spring Top Mount Stationary Pivot Set
Wireless Power Pack w/ Black Box™ Remote, 2 Keyfobs

Wide Tarp Bow Set

Estimated System Weight: 575lbs

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